Single Cylinder Engines (WC)

OPEX high speed vertical compression ignition, four cycle cold starting, water Cooled Diesel Engines are manufacturing within strict tolerance limits, which help us to providing quality product to our farmers. Water cooled Diesel Engine range from 4.5 H.P. to 12 HP.

COMBUTION: For low fuel consumption and easy starting of the engine, there is an open type combustion chamber in an aluminum alloy piston in combination with long steam nozzle.

COOLING: water cooled engine are cooled by continuous water circulation through cooling tank / or Radiator / or Centrifugal pump with fresh water.

FUEL SYSTEM: Fuel from the fuel tank is fed through an efficient paper element, which reaches the fuel pump by gravity.
GOVERING: A sensitive centrifugal type Governor is mounted on crank shaft gear wheel. Speed variation is controlled within limit to comply with ‘B1’ Class Governing as mentioned in IS 10000-(part7)1980. And CLASS ‘A2’ for genset application.
FUEL TANK CAPACITY: It depends on the requirement of the end user, but the standards fuel tanks provided with the engines are: 6.5 liters, 11 liters, 20 liters.
STANDARED ACCESSORIES: Air cleaner, exhaust silencer, starting handle, sets of five spanners, screw driver and instruction manual is provided as standard accessories.
OPTIONAL: Radiator, heavy flywheel, 12v electrical starting, lub. Oil pressure gauge, variable speed arrangements, anti clock wise rotation, extra long extension shaft, flexible coupling, pulleys are available at an extra cost.