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Double Cooled Engine

OPEX: Slow speed Lister type water cooled Double Cylinder Diesel Engine are manufactured under expert technical supervision. The stationery Engine of Robust construction is simple in design; with best workmanship are ideal engines for agriculture application. And industrialist also. Available in 6 H.P. to 12.H.P. (4.4 kw to 8.80 kw) rating in single Cylinder and 16 and 20 H.P. in twin cylinder series. All these engines are manufactured as per IS : 11170-86. And each engine is tested as per IS: 11170-86. And each engine is tested as per IS 1001-1981 to give continuous rating.

COOLING: Engine cooling is efficiently handled by a run-through water supply. If required a radiator Or a cooling tank could also be provided which increase the overall efficiency of the engine

FUEL INJECTION EQUIPMENT: Original MICO (Bosch) or USHA Fuel Injection Equipment are used in our engines

GOVERNING: A sensitive Centrifugal type governor is mounted on camshaft gear wheel. Speed variation is controlled within limit to comply with B1 Class Governing as mentioned in IS –(Part-7)1980.

LUBRICATION: All internal moving part of the engine are lubricated by splash system, when the connecting rod goes down with the piston in the lubrication oil.

ROTATION: Standard rotation is clock wise facing flywheel keeping exhaust on the left hand side.

AIR CLEANER: OIL BATH TYPE Air Cleaner is clean incoming air. Use of Clean air increases the life of cylinder Liner.

Pulley, Spanner Set, Screw Driver, Oiler, starting handle, Air cleaner, Silencer, Fuel Tank, Plastic Pipe, hose Nipple and Instruction Manual.

Engine Model OML2-12 OML2-16 OML2-20
Power H.P. 12 16 20
Power Kw. 8.8 11.8 14.7
No. of Cylinders . 2 2 2
Bore x Stroke(mm) 114.3x139.7 114.3x139.8 120x139.7
Speed r.p m.. 650 850 1000
Cubic Capacity (cc) 2862.8 2962.8 3160.4
Specific Fuel Consumptoin(g/bhp-h). 197 197 197
Lub. Oil Consumption(g/h) 10 10 10
Lubrication SAE-30/40 SAE-30/40 SAE-30/40
Compression Ration 01:18 01:18 01:18
Crankshaft Center Height (mm) 248 248 248
Foundation Bolt Spacing (mm) 381x558 381x558 381x558
Net Weight of std. Engine (Kg) 460 496 510
Gross Weight with Packing Case (Kg) 596 620 640
Over Dimension of Engine L x W x H (mm)      
Packing Case Size L x W x H (mm) 1400x750x1090 1400x750x1066 1400x750x1066
Shipping Volume m3 1.12 1.12 1.12